NPR Austin,

KUT 90.5

A bike organization in Austin partnered with the state's department of transportation to give free cycling classes. I reported on the story and wrote the web content.


'“I just went out there and I started biking. I didn’t know as a cyclist you are supposed to obey the law as a vehicle would,” he says.' While this is a quote from one of my interviews, it also applies to me. That's one of the things I love about being a journalist, you learn on the job.

Texas Standard

This national daily news show of Texas explores the world of news, economics, innovation, and culture. And for this piece, I wrote the web copy introducing this Texas musician.


"Meek’s album is filled with songs about recurring characters. Though he admits some of them are influenced by strangers and close people in his life, Meek says he created most of the characters."

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