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Using this client's brand voice, I wrote about social media tips for small businesses.

You can check out the whole thing here, or just check out this small sample:


"Just like people search for local businesses on Yelp, they also search on Instagram. That’s where location tagging comes in. Posts with a tagged location result in higher engagement, so remember to use it. Plus, customers who add your location sticker will help spread the word by allowing others to click through and find out more about your business".


I also wrote about web hosting, which you can check out here.


"Shared Hosting is ideal for small hobby websites and low budgets. But businesses need a host with trustworthy performance and space to grow. That’s where Managed Hosting comes in. "

H&H Construction

This client asked for examples of modern homes in Texas. Check it out here.


"Modern design often features wood and earthy elements, but Texas Modernism takes it one step further. Ranches are built from sustainable resources: stones excavated from the sites and attainable wood from the land. "

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